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nice work fatlogic


kobalto1 responds:

You are nothing agains my power *unleash his sword*

I think my only complaint is that it would look better without the jet-black shading

mrblack1986 responds:

thats fair


an true masterpiece

I hate that I know who this character is

IkaroKruz responds:

Noid isn't so bad :v

oh man, I can't even use traditional mediums anymore

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JackDCurleo responds:

Truly a modern man for a modern world

not sure if butthurt anti-trump tard or butthurt /pol/tard

thegamerlinkon responds:

Lol non of them, but you dont know what this is for soooo i dont care either.


The first thing I noticed was a male body on the back position and a male face on the front view. Though correct me if that was intentional as a rule 63.

If accident, the face is thrown off by a strong brow, and the back position has both a hunching arch to the neck and a male torso (the butt is where a person with a male skeleton would have it.)

This is what I mean: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/9bd5aee2a8103fa9b88c8ac2aa02f71f

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JakkuZoltan responds:

That's really good feedback. The hunch in the neck was intentional on the right one. I don't really understand the male torso part on the right one. Are you saying the butt is too high, or the spine is too far out(or neither)? edit: Oh, I think I see. At least on the right one, are you saying the vertical perspective line for the back is further out than the butt?
It's not a surprise- I was thinking the whole time that there was something too masculine with the body.
edit 2: And the hips are too narrow on the left, right?

I'll be careful with the jaw and forehead, but I don't think it looks like a male face. Women can have those kinds of features.
Thank you for taking the time.
edit 3: I opened up the file again and have been taking a look at it. I decided I can justify the right one. Her pelvis is being bent forward- that was the intention. That's why the butt or hips can look to far in or whatever. Also, the left hip is being obscured by the left arm- so you're indicator for that is inaccurate. What I screwed up with was the neck, which is going too far, sort of ignoring the gesture I put down.
Let me know if missing or misunderstanding something.

Truly a masterpiece that future generations will look upon and know the greatness of our time.

Evil-Rick responds:

Hey! It's you again! It's been a while, how's the family? How are the kids?

truly a masterpiece in the field of drawing crippled legs

plz b0ss





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