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What has the world become? What has the world become?

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not sure if butthurt anti-trump tard or butthurt /pol/tard

thegamerlinkon responds:

Lol non of them, but you dont know what this is for soooo i dont care either.

FF7 Animation reference sheet Aeris body FF7 Animation reference sheet Aeris body

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The first thing I noticed was a male body on the back position and a male face on the front view. Though correct me if that was intentional as a rule 63.

If accident, the face is thrown off by a strong brow, and the back position has both a hunching arch to the neck and a male torso (the butt is where a person with a male skeleton would have it.)

This is what I mean: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/9bd5aee2a8103fa9b88c8ac2aa02f71f

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JakkuZoltan responds:

That's really good feedback. The hunch in the neck was intentional on the right one. I don't really understand the male torso part on the right one. Are you saying the butt is too high, or the spine is too far out(or neither)? edit: Oh, I think I see. At least on the right one, are you saying the vertical perspective line for the back is further out than the butt?
It's not a surprise- I was thinking the whole time that there was something too masculine with the body.
edit 2: And the hips are too narrow on the left, right?

I'll be careful with the jaw and forehead, but I don't think it looks like a male face. Women can have those kinds of features.
Thank you for taking the time.
edit 3: I opened up the file again and have been taking a look at it. I decided I can justify the right one. Her pelvis is being bent forward- that was the intention. That's why the butt or hips can look to far in or whatever. Also, the left hip is being obscured by the left arm- so you're indicator for that is inaccurate. What I screwed up with was the neck, which is going too far, sort of ignoring the gesture I put down.
Let me know if missing or misunderstanding something.

Demon on a Swimsuit Demon on a Swimsuit

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Truly a masterpiece that future generations will look upon and know the greatness of our time.

Evil-Rick responds:

Hey! It's you again! It's been a while, how's the family? How are the kids?

Discounts of February Discounts of February

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Why specifically restrict yourself to these grotesque requests? Or is it your own perverse sexual degeneracy fueling these fields of request?

Maybe I'm just missing something. Maybe I'm missing the fact that you're playing 4-d chess and predatoring predators by robing them of their disposable income.

prolly not tho

Lenbasisky responds:

Very simple Sped. The answer is the simple research of variation. I don't like to draw always the same fetishes and sometimes i like to try to draw something different just to don't get bored. As artist as me you surely know what i'm talking about.
And themes like that in fiction aren't so degenerate as you think. Or least the fact to create them from your ideas or from ideas of others. Take for example, Tom Six, the director and the creator of The Human Centipede Trilogy. Even if he created a such horrific trilogy doesn't mean that such trilogy can't be entertaining to watch. And at the same time, the creator isn't a psyco just because he made something like that. The secret behind that is the creativity and that's the reason which makes fun the creation of some content.
I hope i resolved your doubts about the pic above. And don't worry, even if you don't like some of that fetishes in the pic, there aren't problems. It's pretty normal. I'm not into specific sexual fetishes either.

Sex doll Sex doll

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oh great a shadman clone with even worse proportions

at least you nailed the jr league pedophile part

Regacen responds:

Calm down, bud. It's not that serious.

Substance Substance

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is this pizzagate

JackDCurleo responds:

This is a far deeper dish than #pizzagate


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Hey lad. I appreciate the coloring here but what you did is against the portal rules. (Something about submitting 'doll' recolors. This would fit into that category.)

Please remove it.

SoundBounce responds:

Yeh no problem. Do you mind elaborating on what a 'doll' recolor is though?

Rotk├Ąppchen Redux Rotk├Ąppchen Redux

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ayy yo I really love her hairstyle. Face triggers my autism tho

JackDCurleo responds:

Haha, faces are hard to get right with watercolor, one of these days I'll make it happen!

Power girl Blow Power girl Blow

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Avaloniromman responds:


Oh, Merlo~ Oh, Merlo~

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head is really big and wierd

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BluMiu responds:

You think so? I was having a bit of trouble with over the shoulder, so something could have not been scaled