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Practice makes perfect. When we desire to get better, we find that we do. I know we hear it a lot, but pure dedication is what it takes to achieve certain levels of line craftsmanship. I like a lot of your works though.

All true. And thanks.

hmm, i know this is an old post, but i would like to share my insight if its ok.

I was in your predicament for a while too. Drawing, like many things in life,, is all about self discovery. If you find yourself getting bored, its ok to take a break from drawing and do something else. If you find yourself drawing in a particular way, thats fine too because then it becomes a part of your style.

Also, dont concern yourself with how perfect your line-art is. Practice will make you improve regardless. Focus more on drawing artwork that pushes your boundaries or draw something that makes you excited, and work on it no matter how it ends up. Sometimes, so called "bad" artwork is some of the most unique and badass art pieces people can look at. No one proved that more than ONE(creator of one punch man).

When he first debuted, even in Japan, people were telling him his art was ugly and he would get nowhere with his comics. I think we all know where that went, lol.

Sorry for the long comment, am I helping?

Yeah lol. I've been working a lot of things outside of my comfort zone lately so that's been helping.

OHHH I HAVE A IDEA FOR YOU you can keep complaining and crying until you can make a river of tears then you can drown your self in it :) great idea right!?

o o f

Still a better artist than me

I was sixteen when I started drawing. I missed the learning curve, sure. But I guess what I'm saying is it isn't too late for you to have a go at it yourself.

@Spedmallet I'll take your criticism seriously however. You may not know much about sfm (as in "light filters") but you were right about one thing though, I didn't deserve to be scouted.

I was too harsh on you, especially considering you take criticism well.

@Spedmallet believe me, I wasn't always like this. I was an easily triggered child (especially in real life) and well, a lot of people built up resilience in me. Criticism might hurt but it's good for me.

Have you tried not being a faggot?

No seriously thats some legit good insight
I gotta do the same , this is actually really helpful for me
I do all this shit and worse , well you know that already.

man you got talent , just fuckin work on the flaws man.


You can never give up, just understand that you have a talent, and you must grow your talent, in order to HAVE a talent. ( ' w ' )

@RedeyestheSecound @Spedmallet dont listen to RETS, he is clearly being rude, you have the right to do what you want.

don't worry he's just someone's mentally ill alt account

@KingPug672 @Spedmallet @Spedmallet oh, okay-just had to make sure.